Diving - Albania


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Professional diving is a new leisure activity in Albania, evolved over the last decade. Despite this, Albania’s rich coastline provides unique opportunities for divers, who can explore everything from the diverse fauna of the Mediterranean across two different seas, and even various sunken ships. For those wishing to dive into the Adriatic Sea, underwater sports centers are available north of Vlorë. Diving is particularly popular for the Ionian stretch of the Albanian coast, with numerous centers being available from Vlorë to Saranda. For the Adriatic, divers can practice the sport in Vlorë Bay and the Cape of Rodon. For the Ionian Coast, divers have their pick between the area north of Saranda, in Dhërmi, Jal, and Cape of Lagji, among others.   In the last years alone, joint Albanian-American expeditions have been crucial in discovering old and drowned ships in the area, some of which reach a depth of 33 m and a length of 150 m. Vlorë Bay ‘hides’ many such treasures, being home to several sunken ships of considerable antiquity. However, the most famous and popular sunken ship discovered in Albanian waters, is the Italian hospital ship “PO”, which sank in March 1941, after being shot by “Swordfish,” a British airplane. A sunken ship back to century III or IV B.C.E was discovered north of Saranda Bay and is considered one of the best-preserved relics in the Mediterranean. Some large amphoras were also found around there. Beyond these historical objects, divers can also observe the beautiful underwater scenery created by green and black algae and corals, among others.

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